Construction Law

Information About Colorado Construction Defects Law 

Construction Law is a highly technical and specific body of law that deals directly with all matters relating to the construction industry. A construction litigation law firm represents nearly everyone involved in the construction process including owners, developers, contractors, subcontractors and design professionals.

Due to the complexity of the construction process, legal problems and issues often arise. When these problems do arise during the course of construction, a highly skilled Colorado construction litigation attorney is needed to resolve these disputes quickly and efficiently to prevent project delays and loss of revenue. Colorado construction defects law encompasses all aspects of the building process from pre-bid and contract disputes to building defects and professional liability issues including:

Construction law incorporates general legal principles and techniques with the technical aspects of construction and design. This highly technical section of the law aims to protect and defend all construction and design professionals by reducing their professional liabilities— before, during and after the construction process.

Since construction law is highly technical, construction attorneys must have an accurate knowledge of all aspects of the construction process. They must be able to employ cutting edge risk management strategies to protect construction companies, represent construction companies through aggressive litigation practices and accurately defend construction professionals from false liability claims.

When a construction problem arises, a construction litigation attorney can make the difference between a quick resolution and a lengthy legal trial. Arbitration and mediation is an important part of construction law because it allows companies to resolve their disputes quickly to avoid project delays and stay on schedule. Since construction disputes can affect nearly everyone involved in the project, every attempt is made to avoid litigation and settle disputes out of the courtroom.

As the construction industry continues to evolve, construction and design professionals can find themselves increasingly involved in construction disputes. If you find yourself involved in a construction dispute, it is important to contact a qualified and experienced construction litigation attorney immediately. In addition to representing your company during the arbitration and litigation process, your construction litigation attorney will be able to effectively reduce your future liabilities by using cutting edge risk management strategies.

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